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Who we are

I’m Derek Montgomery, Founder and Creator of Montgomery Lifestyle, an idea born and developed during the pandemic. The world is a very different place than it was a year ago and therefore I’ve had to pivot, diversify and create a whole range of products that thankfully have been in very high demand.


I’m an award-winning Designer who has created thousands of Headpieces for various special occasions such as Weddings, Ladies Day events etc. both Nationally and Internationally throughout the years. There is something so rewarding to be asked to design a piece for someone to wear to a special occasion and to see it being worn so elegantly on the day.


As a Designer I’ve honed in on everything I’ve learned over the years to expand beyond Millinery and over the last twelve months I’ve created products such as Face Coverings, Snoods, Hairbands, Aprons, Baby products and Personalized items.


My Face Coverings are now available in over 150 Pharmacies throughout Ireland and the UK, I’ve designed a range of Snoods which have proven to be hugely popular with people of all ages. In recent months I designed a range of Adult and Children’s Aprons, an idea which developed from people spending a lot more time at home and discovering or rediscovering a love for Baking and Cooking!


I would like to think that the passion and drive I have to create consistent, high quality products is apparent in everything I do and is at the core of each product.


Due to the high demand for my products, I’ve been lucky enough to create a number of full time employment positions, I have an amazing team and together we’re constantly developing products which we know our customers will love.


Montgomery Lifestyle is only beginning and I’m so looking forward to what the future has in store!