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Head Wrap Towel + Face Cloth

Introducing our Newest Product to Montgomery Lifestyle. Not many of you know but once upon a time I worked as a Hair Stylist for over 20 years and this product is something I've always suggest to clients.

So after many years now working as a Designer my old life skill is making a come back with my very own Personalised Head Wrap. I have adjusted the design of the classic head towel by adding a small amount of elastic to the base of the wrap so it will grab to the back of the head. 

These will make Perfect gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Bridal Parties, or just to treat yourself. 

Each Head Wrap Towel, has its very own matching  Face Cloth and this wonderful set comes in a Gift Box. 


Please allow 3/4 weeks for Your Towels to be Personalised

**First name or Initials only**



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